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This Veteran gamer takes hold of the controls and shows you how he makes it happen in Call of Duty Mobile.  His skills shows through.

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This video is about call of duty mobile. With the funny youtuber (electroComet). He makes funny call of duty vids, all while getting killer kd ratios in game. He is constantly trying to find just the right gun rig to pwn news, as well as find ways to use harder settings to challenge himself. As for his community he enjoys talking to them and loves when they drop by on the channel to leave comments so don’t be shy.

About the Gamer

ElectroComet Call of Duty Gamer
He shares the right setup for guns, you can get better kill streaks.
Every gun, for the most part, has an array of attachments and perks you can add to them.
These allow for variation in the way you play with each weapon.
Depending on whether or not your going for rapid fire or higher accuracy can directly affect how many kills in game you can get.
With the right setup you can take on even the most veteran players given time, practice, and knowledge.

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